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Transform Professional Development Goals with Absorb and ClearCompany

March 12, 2021
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


As an award-winning Learning Management System, Absorb inspires growth and fuels business productivity through their online learning platform. With clients in business, higher education, government, and non-profit agencies around the world, Absorb has the ability to train and reskill employees faster and more effectively than ever before.

@AbsorbLMS and @ClearCompany offer #HRLeaders the chance to personalize their #development strategies. See how:

Who Is Absorb?

Absorb LMS is a Learning Management System that enables leaders to train and develop their employees with skills necessary for success in our modern workplace. Job seekers today have a desire to work for an employer who prioritizes their professional development. To attract and retain A Players, organizations need to embrace technologies that support the development of their teams’ careers.

Absorb LMS works for organizations of any size, focusing on aligning learning needs with business demands. With a wide range of features such as detailed analytics and reporting, artificial intelligence capabilities, mobile compatibility, and system integrations, Absorb creates a seamless learning experience that evolves with your organization’s needs. Users can optimize their productivity and professional development goals while having peace of mind that their development strategies are fully supported.

How Does ClearCompany Fit?

ClearCompany and Absorb integrated their systems to create a Talent Management System built to help you engage and retain your A Players. HR leaders can easily ensure compliance, document and archive records, and automate workflows so they can spend more time welcoming and onboarding their new hires. Offering single sign-on solutions, ClearCompany and Absorb LMS’s integration also improves the security of your sensitive information. Your employees will benefit from the streamlined and user-friendly login process, and you can rest assured that your data is secure.

“With Absorb our clients can provide their employees with the same simple and personalized learning experience that we have at ClearCompany. Our internal training courses help everyone take charge of their learning and keep up with the new products and features we’re building every day.”

- Jason Burke, Customer Engagement Manager at ClearCompany

Why Should You Integrate With Us?

When clients use ClearCompany and Absorb LMS, they can build personalized learning experiences for new and existing employees. With employers demonstrating their vested interest in the advancement of their employees, this offers an enhanced employee experience. Showcasing your commitment to your employee’s professional development goals will foster a culture of increased productivity and loyalty. Additionally, with role-based professional development, your employees will feel empowered to accomplish their career goals and strive for further growth. Not only will your employees be more adequately trained, but they will be up and running within a few days, rather than the traditional timeline of weeks.

See how #HRLeaders benefit from using @AbsorbLMS and @ClearCompany’s personalized and streamlined, professional #development #strategies:

In today’s workplace, recruiters have to find new technologies to help support their hiring, engagement, and development goals. As organizations adopt virtual and remote performance management and training strategies, they will need to rely on robust and accurate software to help develop employees’ skill sets and ensure compliance. To learn more about Absorb and ClearCompany’s award-winning partnership, check out our integrations page. Ready to get started transforming your professional development goals? Reach out to one of our experts to sign up for your free demo.

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