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Applicant Tracking System Recruiting & Hiring Case Study

Strata Information Group Recruits Better Candidates Faster with ClearCompany

April 27, 2020
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Strata Information Group is the top provider of higher education consulting services. So when colleges need to update and rethink their administration tactics, Strata needs to be ready to send the industry's best consultants — at a moment's notice.

How did @ClearCompany make it easier for Strata Information Group to hire better and faster? Find out how their partnership is making the future brighter for students:

This means that recruiting is a huge factor in Strata's success. They need to make sure they have the right number and the right caliber of talent to meet the needs of their clients at all times. And due to the narrow niche of their higher education software, finding candidates with the right skill set is challenging. They were having trouble keeping up with their recruitment process and getting through their interviewing at the pace they needed. So they turned to ClearCompany.

"When we were looking for an Applicant Tracking System, it was really important that we had features that would allow me to keep track of the folks that I’m considering in order to keep them engaged for the right timing."


The Solution

ClearCompany's industry-leading interview scheduling tools made screening and evaluating new applicants easier, faster, and better organized. And the Talent Communities feature allowed them to create searchable talent pools to locate exactly the candidates they needed and engage with them quickly and directly. Strata also leveraged online offer letters and recruiting workflows to automate as much of the process as possible, and expedite recruitment to get on to the meatier aspects of hiring.

Kelly Dahlke, Strata's HR Officer and Recruiter says of her recruiting needs, "I’m the sole recruiter at Strata Information Group, but I also wear other hats. So it’s really important that my time is used efficiently because I have other tasks to do."

The Results

Now Strata can recruit and hire the very best consultants for any assignment, as they're needed. Strata's ongoing outreach keeps top candidates engaged for future consulting opportunities, and their efficient recruiting workflow ensures an excellent candidate experience. ClearCompany's reporting and analytics tools give them insight into where and how their top candidates are applying — helping them hire more great consultants. ClearCompany enables Strata to partner with colleges and universities to find efficiencies, create better processes, and build a brighter future for their students.

Read more about the work ClearCompany and Strata Information Group are able to accomplish together in the full case study below. And reach out to our experts today for your free demo, and see how a partnership with ClearCompany can supercharge your recruiting and HR processes.

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