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Save the Date: Modern Performance Engagement Webinar on February 3rd

January 19, 2021
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


In the last year, the chances are high that your workplace faced some significant challenges. Some businesses had a difficult transition to remote work, and others were forced to furlough or let employees go. Organizational changes are difficult even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic and can have a negative impact on culture and morale. As organizations look to recover from a turbulent year, the question remains — what can we do to set the stage for a better 2021?

On Wednesday, February 3rd, ClearCompany product experts will open the discussion on how to tackle 2021 with renewed energy by leveraging key features in ClearCompany’s Performance & Engagement Suite.

Leveraging Your Tech to Increase Engagement

There’s no denying that highly engaged employees perform outstanding work and are more motivated in their roles. Organizations that place emphasis on creating a highly engaged workforce often see higher profit returns. In 2020, many organizations transitioned into a remote work format, leaving many employees feeling higher levels of isolation and loneliness. In 2021, businesses need to address these trends by finding methods of connecting and motivating employees in a virtual environment.

Join @ClearCompany Product Managers Mindy Rosenberg and Ross Tiefenthaler on February 3rd as they discuss how to create a #culture of #engaged and #productive employees in our latest webinar:

Featured speakers Mindy Rosenberg and Ross Tiefenthaler spark a discussion on software tools and best practices managers can implement in their organizations. Attendees will understand the need for a high-touch and highly customizable approach to engagement and will walk away equipped with the knowledge they need to create a collaborative approach to employee development, performance management, and engagement.

 On February 3rd, @ClearCompany employees Mindy Rosenberg and Ross Tiefenthaler are hosting a webinar discussing the need for a #collaborative and supportive approach to #engagement, #performancemanagement, and #development. Register now!

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Join us on February 3rd for a deep dive into the tools your team should be using to strengthen the culture and engagement of your workforce. Gain tips and advice from our featured speakers and learn how ClearCompany can help you achieve your organizational goals with our award-winning Talent Management Suite. With the features in our Employee Engagement Suite and our Performance Management Platform, you can rest assured that all aspects of your organization will be supported by cutting-edge and fully integrated tools.

Register now for free and reserve your spot in this highly anticipated presentation.

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