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ClearCompany is the First ATS to Offer Apply Connect, LinkedIn’s Newest Hiring Integration

October 6, 2021
5 min read
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We have big news for mutual clients of ClearCompany and LinkedIn: we’re the first ATS to offer the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration! Together with our existing LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, Apply Connect allows clients to provide stellar candidate and recruiter experiences, helping them find and hire the best talent in a time of scarcity. We’re proud to be a LinkedIn Gold Partner and the first ATS to offer this powerful, exclusive solution to our clients.

LinkedIn Gold Partner @ClearCompany is the first #ATS to offer a better #candidate experience with the Apply Connect integration. Learn more:

What is Recruiter System Connect?

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is an integration connecting ClearCompany’s ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter. Recruiter System Connect gives recruiters access to accurate candidate data whether they log into LinkedIn Recruiter or ClearCompany and makes it easy to add candidates to our ATS.

Hiring teams can see current, relevant information from ClearCompany in LinkedIn Recruiter, like if a candidate previously applied or interviewed, without switching between tabs. And, Recruiter System Connect keeps ClearCompany’s ATS updated with job seekers’ current LinkedIn profile information.

Recruiter System Connect reduces miscommunication both among hiring teams and between candidates and recruiters. It also gives hiring teams extra insight from LinkedIn profiles that they can use to identify best-fit candidates.

What is Apply Connect, and how does it work with LinkedIn Recruiter?

Apply Connect ties together LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Recruiter to make the application process faster and give recruiters enhanced candidate insight. LinkedIn profile data can help recruiters identify stronger candidates and make faster hiring decisions. Pair Apply Connect and Recruiter System Connect with ClearCompany to improve candidate experience and help recruiters find top talent quickly.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions and ClearCompany ATS work together to simplify, strengthen, and speed up recruiting and hiring processes:

  • Hiring teams can post available positions to LinkedIn, leveraging LinkedIn's vast audience of candidates. 
  • With Recruiter System Connect, job seekers can find jobs posted on LinkedIn and apply via your company’s career site. Apply Connect-enabled jobs allow job seekers to use their LinkedIn profile information to apply without leaving LinkedIn leading to less applicant dropoff — and allows you to ask more detailed application questions. 
  • Each application received creates a candidate profile in the ClearCompany ATS using LinkedIn data. Hiring teams evaluate candidates’ profiles in the ClearCompany ATS with added insight from their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Clients can enable applicant notifications, sending a one-time automatic notification when a recruiter has viewed their application, downloaded their resume, and when the candidate has been rejected. Enable fast, easy, and clear communication with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect.

“Partnering with ClearCompany helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience. We will continue to work closely with ClearCompany to provide solutions that deliver even more value for both customers and members.”  - Lee Womer, Vice President, Business Development at LinkedIn

How Linked Recruiter System Connect + Apply Connect Streamline Job Applications

One of the key features of Apply Connect is LinkedIn apply, which enables candidates to apply directly on LinkedIn and to pre-populate some application questions with their LinkedIn profile information, reducing time-to-apply and applicant drop-off. With LinkedIn Apply, ClearCompany application questions are embedded in LinkedIn, allowing recruiters to screen candidates that come in through LinkedIn as easily as those who fill out their standard application.

LinkedIn Apply is incredibly impactful in competitive hiring landscapes where employee experience starts long before hiring. Many job seekers are applying on their phones and are less likely to fill out lengthy applications. LinkedIn Apply means applicants can spend less time filling out repetitive fields — instead, they can offer details about the skills and accomplishments that make them the right fit for the position.

@ClearCompany is the first #ATS to offer LinkedIn Apply Connect, an exclusive integration that streamlines the application process to bring in larger numbers of qualified #candidates. Learn more:

For organizations that use both Recruiter and Apply Connect, candidates will receive a LinkedIn notification when a recruiter views their application or if they aren’t the right fit, providing greater transparency during their job search. These notifications can also cut down the time recruiters spend fielding questions from candidates about their hiring status.

“Now more than ever, employers need an application process that is fast, easy, and highly accessible to candidates. We’re proud to be the first ATS to offer another powerful recruiting tool to our clients with the new LinkedIn Apply Connect integration. Clients of LinkedIn and ClearCompany now have access to this robust integration and can offer candidates an improved application experience. We’re excited to strengthen our partnership with LinkedIn by bringing LinkedIn Apply Connect exclusively to our mutual clients.”  - ClearCompany Chief Revenue Officer, Brian Campbell

Recruiter System Connect + Apply Connect Helps Recruiters Make Informed Hiring Decisions

LinkedIn Apply Connect benefits hiring teams and recruiters, too. Jobs posted to LinkedIn reach a qualified audience with the skills and experience in the job description. Open positions get the best possible visibility on LinkedIn since opportunities are put in front of both job seekers and passive top talent. This gives recruiters a pool of skilled talent to consider rather than a pile of resumes to wade through.

Candidates’ LinkedIn profile information is available in their ClearCompany profile — no more back-and-forth between multiple tabs. Recruiters can more easily keep track of applicants and their qualifications, and hiring teams can make informed decisions quickly.

LinkedIn Apply Connect gives ClearCompany ATS clients a competitive leg up in today’s dynamic hiring landscape, simplifying applications and helping recruiters find best-fit candidates. Do you want to hire, engage, and keep top talent in your organization? Experience ClearCompany ATS — sign up for a demo today

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