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Let Me Shout It From the Mountain: Paperless Onboarding Will Save Time

April 10, 2014
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged



As a Relationship Manager at ClearCompany, my raison d’etre is to save our clients time.  More often than not, this means singing the praises of our Paperless Onboarding Module. One of my first converts, let’s call her Maggie, is a one-woman HR show. When I met her, Maggie was implementing our Applicant Tracking System, and her most time consuming duty was onboarding a new hire.

Maggie used to aggregate and email all the appropriate forms to the new hire, maintain a Goliath of a spreadsheet to track form transmission and receipt, badger the new hire to complete everything (and if they incorrectly filled out a form - heaven help her - to resend and plead for corrections), and then distribute them to the appropriate departments.

This, on top of her other responsibilities of sourcing and recruiting candidates, was gradually extending her workday into work-nights and work-weekends. The situation was untenable; Maggie’s nerves were shot, and her ability to juggle every aspect of her job was steadily diminishing as the company grew.

Gradually, I started feeling the absence of Maggie's usual conviviality. Concerned, I pried; once I'd understood the weight on her shoulders, I preached about the time saving qualities of our Onboarding module. Maggie hemmed, Maggie hawed. I could sense her hesitation to begin yet another project - and rightfully so! I digitized her paperwork and asked her to just try it out for a month.  

She loved it.

Suddenly, a task that consumed her became easily managed. Onboarding packets were pre-prepared, and sending one took less than a minute. She didn't have to remind anyone to return documents because the system did it for her. Instead of distributing completed forms to other departments, she gave those departments instant access to them. Maggie bid adieu to her monstrous spreadsheet and never looked back.

My role as a Relationship Manager allows me to connect with clients all over the map. In my tenure here, I’ve seen Maggie’s story time and time again, and love the liberation that our Paperless Onboarding Module provides.

What about you? How do you find efficiencies for everyday processes like onboarding? Share in the comments!


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