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Is Your Application Process Killing Your Chances?

April 12, 2016
6 min read
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Is finding and attracting qualified applicants a problem for your company? Chances are this is something you are experiencing, since last year, 38% of HR professionals reported difficulties in recruiting employees at all levels of their organization and 55% struggled to find highly skilled employees. Add in the need for company culture alignment, and you have a real challenge to be met. There are educated job seekers out there, so what does a company have to do to get them through the door?

Sit Down for This…

What if we said your company is losing numerous candidates before they even become applicants? One study found that 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out the online application because it was too complex and lengthy.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.pngAre you losing 60% of your job applicants by doing this?


Yes, the online job application, which has presented possibly the easiest process an applicant can hope to find might still be too much for the talent you’re hoping to recruit. It might be hard to accept, especially if your company has recently adjusted the application process to suit new trends, but the hiring world is changing just as quickly as the technology that surrounds it. What’s more, a great deal of the complexity may not be the actual question, but the way in which those applications appear to the viewer.

Mobile accessibility has been the talk for years and for good reason. In 2015, 64% of American adults owned a smartphone, which is a drastic increase from the 35% of people in 2011. What is most telling, though, is that 10% of those people depend on their smartphones as their only form of internet access. That means, these individuals spend a majority of all searches and website visits on mobile-friendly or responsive web pages.

Are You Seeing Mobile?

The idea that a portion of the people your company is trying to recruit may not even see your website let alone the career page information should cause concern. Especially with one study finding that 86% of active candidates use their smartphone to begin the search. Some of those candidates will not only be starting their job research on a mobile device, but they will also be applying. Many companies are stopping at responsive websites when that is just not enough.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png 86% of candidates use their smartphones to begin the job search. What does this mean for recruiters?


Mobile apply is the answer to bridging the gap. It allows candidates to apply for specific job openings through a company website or career site using mobile devices by allowing them to upload resumes and cover letters and fill in shorter forms. It takes into account the personality of the changing workforce allowing the process to be easy but also helping your team see the information pertinent to exploring an applicant.

Why Mobile Apply?

Of course, the process of optimizing an application process for mobile is not always easy. The logistics of establishing a mobile application process, as well as maintaining it, will fall on the shoulders of your hiring team (and IT), who may already be busy with all the other processes. That is why it is important to find an applicant tracking tool that does the work for you.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.pngWhy you should find an application process that does the work for you:


Hiring is already a difficult process and adding in more hoops for your team may seem like just too much. Unfortunately, the more hoops job seekers face, the least likely they are to even begin applying, let alone actually finish the process. The ClearCompany ATS features mobile apply, keeping all the applicant information in one efficient system. The application itself is scalable, accommodating one-click applications or ones with more complex requirements so any need of the company can be integrated.

If Mobile Apply is Out of Reach

Many applicant tracking systems are jumping aboard the mobile train, but that doesn’t mean your company is ready to jump too. Launching new processes, training your teams, and ensuring employer brand and candidate experience doesn’t falter is a considerable project all at once. If mobile apply is just too far out of reach right now, there are ways to begin curbing some of your applicant loss:

  • Ensure your career site is mobile-friendly or responsive
  • Display job advertisements or descriptions on a mobile-friendly webpage, whether on your career site or on another job board
  • Offer an easy save/bookmarking feature on your job advertisements for the candidate to return to in the future
  • Allow candidates to send resumes for follow up, so the applicant has completed one step towards finishing an application

It might be working for you to have a longer, more complex application. Some employers feel the longer process ensures only the most interested candidates are making it into the hands of recruiters, but with 70% of job seekers hoping to apply via mobile, be prepared for the competition to have a leg up on your company when it comes to candidate experience. As the popularity of smartphones and tablets grows, it won’t be only elite companies or high turnover industries using mobile apply.

If you are looking for an applicant tracking software that features mobile apply, but allows your team to focus on what really matters — hiring quality employees — then let us show you the power of ClearCompany’s ATS.

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