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How Integrating Video Interview the Right Way Can Transform Recruiting

August 25, 2015
5 min read
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Video interviewing integration is a popular choice among companies looking to augment their recruiting practices. A recent survey found that 63% of organizations use video for job interviews. While other companies in your industry have begun adopting video as part of their recruitment strategy, what benefits does switching to video for your interview process really provide? As it turns out, video interviewing lets candidates shine a bit brighter, work around busy schedules, and helps you prepare for the future of recruiting. 

Prepare for the Future

Video interviewing integration seems innovative now, but eventually, it’ll be a fact of life for most people in the working world. Studies estimate that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video, and 67% of all internet traffic will come from TVs, tablets and smartphones. So while video might be the latest and greatest recruiting tech tool now, eventually it will be a mainstay for recruitment departments.

With the increase in remote employees, it stands to reason that interviewing by video will become a linchpin in recruitment and hiring practices. In a recent survey, 34% of leadership respondents said more than half of their company’s workforce would be working remotely by 2020, and 25% said more than three-quarters of their team would no longer work in an office. So as the needs and practices of the workforce evolve, you will need the technology to keep up in an increasingly digital workplace. 

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It’s Better For Candidates

How do candidates themselves feel about video interviews? A good 47% of candidates who’ve interviewed through video prefer video to phone interviews, which means many candidates acknowledge that while phone interviews might be slightly more convenient (since they’re a little easier to set up), being able to see the person you’re talking to is worth the extra effort of setting up a video feed.

Despite any misgivings about video interviews, candidates, especially younger ones, actually prefer video interviews to the phone when it comes to convenience. With pre-recorded interviews, candidates who are currently employed don’t have to worry about scheduling an interview while they’re at work. Instead, they can record their responses whenever and wherever they feel comfortable.

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Adapt to Candidates

Video interviews allow organizations to adapt to the needs of the company and to the needs of candidates. Along with creating a better hiring process for people with busy schedules, video interviews also allow you to adapt to candidates you may not be able to reach otherwise. Even if a candidate isn’t within a reasonable travel distance, you still have the ability to adapt to their needs. And with the number of remote workers in the United States estimated to be as high as 30%, companies will have to accommodate remote candidates more readily in the coming years.

The video recording setup also helps companies solicit feedback from candidates after the interview more easily. According to a recent poll, only 33% of employers ask for this kind of feedback on the candidate experience. But when companies add the option to leave feedback for the company as one of the options as part of the video recording process, candidates will be more likely to provide it, allowing your company to improve their interviewing process even further.

All of these benefits make video interviewing a no-brainer for any company looking for a solution that will both move the needle in the future and adapt to candidates’ needs now. So from both your company’s and your candidates’ point of view, the right video interviewing integration can transform your recruiting for the better. 

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