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ClearCompany Welcomes Expanded Executive Leadership Team

May 31, 2024
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As ClearCompany marks its 20th year in business, we’re excited to announce strategic additions to our executive team! These key appointments demonstrate our commitment to innovation and growth and set the tone for the next 20 years of excellence.

We’re proud to welcome Arnaud Grunwald as Chief Product Officer (CPO), Eric Larnard as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Richard Cornetta as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Jason Idilbi as General Counsel.

Meet the four new additions to ClearCompany’s executive leadership team. Joining ClearCompany in its milestone 20th year in business, these key appointments set the tone for the next 20 years of excellence. 🚀

Industry Veterans Join ClearCompany’s Executive Team

Arnaud Grunwald and Eric Larnard are joining ClearCompany as the first CPO and COO, respectively, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from the SaaS industry.

Grunwald brings thirteen years of experience building and directing product strategy for SaaS companies, including nine years in the HR technology space. As the company’s first CPO, Grunwald will be responsible for evolving ClearCompany’s product strategy and continuing to scale its talent management platform to unlock even more value for customers.

Larnard, an operational leadership expert with a deep understanding of scaling high-growth companies, brings over two decades of experience leading software and information-based businesses. His vision drives ClearCompany’s transformation programs to enable strategic growth and continued success.

Joining the executive team as General Counsel, Jason Idilbi brings more than 15 years of legal experience, including five as General Counsel at fast-growing venture-backed SaaS businesses. His strategic guidance is expected to provide a strong foundation for ClearCompany's commitment to serving clients and stakeholders with integrity and innovation.

ClearCompany's financial leadership has also undergone an exciting change, with Richard Cornetta succeeding Janet Chambers as CFO. With his extensive experience overseeing finance strategy and scaling high-growth companies, Cornetta is set to build on ClearCompany's success. He will oversee legal and people functions, creating a capital allocation framework that supports ClearCompany's strategic vision.

These changes at ClearCompany are more than just new faces. They embody our shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and our mission of empowering companies to achieve their goals by hiring and retaining the best people in every role. As we welcome these new leaders, we’re thrilled to continue evolving and enabling our clients’ success.

With two decades of growth and counting, ClearCompany is a proven force in the world of HR and talent management software. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in HR technology while remaining unwavering in our commitment to empowering talent maximization through recruiting, ramping, recognizing, and retaining employees.

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