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Talent Management Case Study

How Absorb LMS Partnered with ClearCompany to Drive Future Growth

June 18, 2020
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Keeping employees engaged and informed is an important part of any business, which is why Absorb, a leading provider of learning management software, strives to create the best learning tools possible. By empowering amazing learning experiences, Absorb LMS engages learners, fuels content retention, and elevates training programs. A fast-growing organization, Absorb needed to quickly implement top talent software to hire the A players that will help fulfill their mission.

The Problem

Absorb had two major pain points that were a direct result of not having an efficient talent acquisition system. Their hiring process was completely manual, and it became clear their antiquated process was preventing them from recruiting and hiring the best talent.

Absorb worried that this created a candidate experience that wasn’t up to standard. Spending time and resources to find candidate documents, having to communicate back and forth to schedule interviews, and an inconsistent interview process made hiring top talent a challenge. They realized they needed a top talent management system, fast.

Absorb LMS partnered with @ClearCompany to drive dramatic growth and streamline their entire #HR and #Recruiting processes. Learn more in the case study:

The Solution

With ClearCompany's collaborative and flexible approach to implementation, Absorb recruiters could learn the new system within their busy schedules. They didn’t have to spend hours training their team to use the new software, and could quickly focus on improving their hiring processes. ClearCompany’s mastery of remote implementation — using leading communications tools — brought Absorb’s HR team online quickly, ready to recruit for offices across the globe.

“We always felt like our Implementation Manager was a member of our team. He was invested in us and that really made a difference. We really felt like he understood our company." - Beth Scafe, HR Director

With tools like automated interview scheduling, system-generated interview scorecards, ClearText messaging, and paperless online onboarding Absorb felt confident that they had created an engaging candidate experience. Recruiters and hiring managers could work together, using consistent criteria to assess experience and competencies and hire the best candidate for each position.

The Results

“It’s been a great product with great people supporting it. It’s not an overly complex system to configure, but it provides complex solutions to a lot of different HR challenges. The ease of use is just outstanding.”

With ClearCompany, Absorb now has an efficient, automated recruiting process. But they also have all of the industry-leading features of ClearCompany’s onboarding and performance management tools to aid them well beyond hiring and onboarding. And with our platform's extensive and intuitive reporting center, Absorb could share specific metrics with the executive team, improving transparency across the company. The benefits of having a fully integrated, best-in-class talent system in place quickly became clear.

To learn more about Absorb's success with ClearCompany, read the full case study below. For more information on how ClearCompany can expedite growth and drive results in your recruiting and HR processes, reach out to our experts today to schedule a free demo.

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