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5 Ways Going Paperless Will Transform Your Organization

October 16, 2014
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It’s been a slow move, but HR departments everywhere are going paperless. Every aspect of the department from the applicant tracking system, payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment and employee administrations can and will eventually go the paperless route. We are constantly working with organizations who are at first reluctant to take this process out of the filing cabinets. After all it’s been the same process for so long, and evolving tech can be intimidating.

As it turns out, just about every reason for the hesitation that these organizations have about going paperless, lie in exactly the areas in which going paperless makes some type, or several types of improvement.

Improve the Employee Experience with Paperless Onboarding

Getting started on the right foot with new employees isn’t just a professional nicety; it’s a serious, strategic part of employee engagement and retention. 40% of employees who left their jobs voluntarily in 2013 did so within six months of starting. CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.pngOnboarding is your first impression, your handshake, and your one chance to set the tone for your new hire’s experience.

Paperless onboarding includes a smart form feature. New hires no longer have to fill out the same information several times, on several different forms. Once information is entered the first time, it is duplicated for them automatically in the proper, redundant fields. Get employees out of that paperwork avalanche, and into your company culture faster.

Improve the Candidate Experience with Paperless Hiring

Paper resumes are pretty much a thing of the past. The nature of an applicant tracking system is paperless, because it is all online. A good ATS will do most of the grunt work in the hiring process; resumes are automatically parsed and graded. This doesn’t only make life easier for the recruiter; an expedited, seamless and paperless process improves the candidate experience dramatically by reducing the time and frustration inherent to the recruiting process. 

Save Money with Paperless HR Processes

Traditional HR processing involves ink, printers, copiers, folders, file cabinets that take up space, postage, ridiculous amounts of paper and more. These seemingly small costs end up adding up quite quickly, especially in larger companies. Yes, paperless systems come with costs that won’t necessarily be offset immediately, but over time, these systems pay for themselves by eliminating the continuous costs of traditional HR processes.

Make Compliance a Breeze by Going Paperless

Taking forms and digitizing them, or going paperless, ensures that all information is organized, stored and rendered searchable. Each process for which compliance and reporting are necessary now have automated compliance features. For instance, the right paperless onboarding system will automatically send compliance reports, taking just another action item off your HR department’s plate and removing annoying redundancies.

Green is Good!

A focus on sustainability in business is great for the environment, because it makes an impact on a larger scale than any one of us could do individually. Beyond reducing our impact on the environment, going green by going paperless is an excellent element to add to the culture and brand of your organization. 

“Additionally, a separate 2011 survey of U.S. companies found that 69% of the companies surveyed have green programs in place. The most common green practice was ‘recycling and paper reduction.’ Going paperless in your HR department is a solid first step toward going green as an organization.” - Sage, The Benefits of Paperless HR

Going paperless is not the scary evolution that a lot of organizations we work with believe it to be. CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png Paperless HR is currently viewed as a luxury, but it will very soon be considered the standard. Paperless isn’t a trend, or a passing craze, in fact it won’t be long until traditional recruiting processes will be considered archaic; they are already viewed as inefficient and cumbersome in comparison. 

Would you like to start the change today? We have the answers to all of your service, support and integration questions in your quest to go paperless. Let’s talk.


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