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Talent Success Conference

Top 5 Things We Learned at TSC 2019

September 27, 2019
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Our 4th annual Talent Success Conference is a wrap! We may be impartial, but our speaker lineup was top notch. These thought-provoking industry leaders left us with more new ideas about talent strategy than we knew what to do with, but we thought we’d start with a quick roundup for you.

1. Torin Ellis, a renowned and passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, spoke to us on the importance of making sure that diversity and inclusion is not just a recruiting initiative, but a core business focus.

“Too many of us are piecing it together. We don't really evaluate our hiring teams and our hiring managers and our event curation. We're not looking at our technology stack and seeing what tools we can use to help us to do D&I a little bit better.”

What’s the state of #Diversity in the workplace? @ClearCompany learned at #TSC this year that too many companies are still piecing it together. Find out what else is driving the future of ClearCompany’s #TalentManagement platform:

2. Tim Sackett, a well-known HR writer and speaker, told us that, “Greatness is not just a gift reserved for the chosen few.” He discussed what makes up today’s ‘HR Pro’ and explained why we are not achieving greatness in our talent strategy.

“Here's the problem we have with performance management right now. It’s thank you so much for doing the job we hired you to do. Please come back tomorrow and do it again. Keep doing it. We love that you're doing the job that we hired you to do and we need more people like you to do that job. Thank you so much. That's average. That's doing the job we hired you to do. Too often though, if someone comes in and does the job we hired them to do and we're like, oh my, you're great. You're not great. You just did the job we hired you to do. Great is x times what you were hired to do.”

3. Robin Schooling, an expert in all things HR, brought us actionable insights on how to retain employees from day one.

“When we look at turnover, one of the things that we'll often say when that CEO, or that President, or the corporate office says, ‘Turnover is your problem, HR,’ we say, ‘Well, I'm going to come up with a retention strategy.’ Then retention is not the strategy. Retention is the outcome, and the outcome is dependent upon how you build in the strategy in a number of different areas, and building that strategy really is taking a look at that entire employee lifecycle.”

At the 4th annual #TSC conference, @ClearCompany CEO Andre Lavoie says an outcome isn’t a plan. Learn more about the top 5 things ClearCompany learned this year about the future of #TalentStrategy:

4. Jeff Gies, VP of Sales, Future of Pay, is working to develop new talent strategies and innovations to create a modern payroll platform that will allow employees greater freedom with how they utilize their pay. He walked us through how we can be prepared for a workforce with quickly evolving needs.

“60% of employees surveyed said the ability to select pay frequency, same day pay, early access to pay, or pay cards would make a difference in whether or not they accepted a job.”

5. Andre Lavoie, CEO and co-founder of ClearCompany let us in on the exciting future of our platform.

“We wanted that team fully staffed. That's our outcome, right? We want 13 people in that role. But an outcome isn’t a plan. And if, if you use your outcome to hire, you're always going to be behind.

So imagine a world where you could say, ‘We're going to hit our hiring plan every single month and achieve the hiring outcome that the company is anticipating in their financial plan.’ That's where we want to take ClearCompany.

We hope you’ll join us the Talent Success Conference 2020, next September in Denver, CO for even more key insights and strategies for success. In the meantime, we’d love to show you how this thought leadership is influencing the ClearCompany Talent Platform.

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