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Employee Engagement

Talent Success Toolkit Lesson 7: Learning & Development

August 15, 2018
1 min read
Group 1-1

Performance Management, Supercharged


Corporations have come to grasp the emphasis behind learning and development plans with the average shelf-life of a skill being five years, and the largest reason for employees to leave a position is lack of career development. The need is there, and we understand it, yet only 8% of CEOs say they see a business impact from learning and development plans and only 4% report a real ROI from the programs.

For HR, this will increase difficulty in receiving executive funding. There is a lack of quality measured data. The solution is a performance management system that gives you that data.

The solution to a lack of quality data is a #PerformanceManagement system with data collection capabilities. Read how here:

In this video, we cover:

  • Identifying gaps in your learning and development program by:
  • Analyzing productivity in your performance management system
  • Discovering strengths and initiative in your talent through performance reviews

Start identifying and fixing gaps with our video below on stage seven in talent management.

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