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What One Product Manager Loves About Working at ClearCompany

April 2, 2021
3 min read
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At ClearCompany, we're in the business of hiring, retaining, and engaging A Players, and that certainly doesn't stop at our clients! Our employees are truly the heart of our company and we're delighted to introduce you to a few of them over the next couple of months.

This week, meet Mindy Rosenberg, a Product Manager who works to make sure our Talent Acquisition Suite is the best in the business. Mindy tells us three quick things that she loves about ClearCompany below:

Mindy Rosenberg, Product Manager at @ClearCompany, answers questions on what she loves most about working with her team. Check out what she had to say on ClearCompany’s latest blog:

What do you love about working at ClearCompany?

The people. I know this is probably a common answer, but it's by far the most accurate. Some of my coworkers have become incredible friends. My manager is a coach and an advocate for me. Leadership makes smart, calculated decisions that result in exponential growth and stability even at an early-stage company. That means I can come to work every day and laugh, work hard, and feel absolutely supported as a person and employee.

How do you describe the culture at ClearCompany?

I recently read a meme about "What employees think they want in a company vs. what they really want" and it absolutely hit home. Sure the cold brew on tap was a nice perk in the office, but when we went remote due to the pandemic and in-office cold brew was no more, our employees stayed happy and healthy because already baked into our culture was the idea that we needed to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We talked about what we needed personally and as a team to avoid burnout and to get through some of the hardest months of our lives. We're people first, employees second and everyone on my team has that shared understanding. Also, at the height of the pandemic when I saw other software companies doing layoffs, ClearCompany was able to retain all of our employees and provided the flexibility that parents needed to keep working too.

Hear from Mindy Rosenberg, Product Manager at @ClearCompany, on what she love most about her experience and the #culture at ClearCompany:

What benefits does ClearCompany provide that you feel you wouldn't get elsewhere?

More time with my daughter. I used to leave for work before she woke up in the morning, and returned home in the evening to see her for an hour before she went to bed. To think that I only got to spend 5 hours throughout most of the week was heartbreaking. But thanks to ClearCompany's flexible/remote work policy changes I get mid-week family time now. I have the opportunity to go on a walk, splash in the mud, or read books on the couch together. I can put down my phone most evenings and be present for the time that we get to share together instead of having a long, draining commute, or a culture that demands all of their employee's time.

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