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ClearCompany Partner Spotlight: Checkr

November 4, 2020
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Checkr aims to build a fairer future by improving one’s understanding of the past. By working alongside companies and leaders of all kinds, Checkr’s platforms enable users to hire at scale, improve compliance, and streamline operations. Using preliminary background screening tests and assessments, you can easily save both time and money for your organization. With over 96% of all organizations conducting employment background checks on their employees, Checkr brings a level of expertise to the industry that is unmatched.

Who Is Checkr?

Created by a team of Silicon Valley technology innovators and employment background check experts, Checkr provides state-of-the-art solutions to your hiring needs. Artificial intelligence enables Checkr’s platform to support companies to hire with speed, accuracy, and compliance. Since its inception, Checkr has quickly established themselves as an industry leader, offering easy to use and customizable solutions for its clients. Their solutions provide seamless integration with existing HR practices, creating a quicker and safer recruiting process.

Checkr provides a wide range of data for organizations to #analyze and capitalize on. Read more about how @ClearCompany’s and @Checkr’s partnership is revolutionizing #hiring strategies!

What Does Checkr Do?

Apart from screening tests, Checkr provides a wide breadth of data that allows organizations to make more informed business decisions. Hiring professionals can efficiently expand their talent and candidate pools, improve the candidate experience, and mitigate the risk of filling open positions. Recently, Checkr has provided clients with a COVID-19 Continuity Package to get people back to work. This bundle of resources enables hiring managers to continue their recruiting efforts while adhering to the challenges of recruiting in a COVID-19 workplace environment.

How Checkr and ClearCompany Work Together

When Checkr and ClearCompany announced their industry-leading partnership in 2018, they created a seamless and award-winning offering for clients. The partnership enabled mutual clients to manage their talent better while at the same time providing efficient, accurate, and customizable employment background checks. The integration of Checkr’s fast and compliant background checks and ClearCompany’s Talent Management and Acquisition Software reduce time-to-hire and processing time.

In the last two years, Checkr has won 6 awards for its workplace culture and company values. Being recognized as the best Company Happiness and Best Company Perks & Benefits in 2019, Checkr has a company culture that is unrivaled in their industry. Most recently, Checkr received recognition as Best Professional Development, Best Leadership Teams, and Best CEOs for Women. Checkr prides itself on its mission of lowering the barrier to employment without lowering the bar. Their wide range of clients enables them to empower people to tackle the challenges surrounding fair chance hiring across various industries.

Read more about how @Checkr and @ClearCompany’s partnership enables clients to more efficiently, accurately, and securely #manage their top #talent.

Find Out More

Recently, ClearCompany’s Director of HR, Angie Wideman-Powell, was a featured speaker for Checkr’s webinar, Five Competencies of Tomorrow’s HR Operations Leaders. Arming viewers with the knowledge and tools they need to measure organizational efficiency and boost productivity, HR Leaders can efficiently prepare for digitization in their organizations.

On Tuesday, November 10, ClearCompany and Checkr are teaming up for a webinar highlighting three hiring trends that will be important for HR leaders to understand in 2021. Join us for a discussion on the changing expectations of job seekers, the rise of sign-up culture, and the need for scaling an agile workforce. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Can’t make the webinar? Don’t worry! Reach out to one of our ClearCompany experts today for more information on how our product offerings enable your team to successfully recruit, onboard, and track employee performance.

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