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5 Tips to Prepare for Large Group Hiring

Posted by HRM Direct

Feb 27, 2013 10:50:00 AM

The resources and time that it takes to hire even just one quality employee can be sky-high; imagine what it would look like if you were trying to hire twenty (or more) excellent, talented candidates all at once? Although the prospect can seem intimidating, there will likely be a time in your company’s existence that this potential nightmare may become a reality. Why sit and wait anxiously when you could be preparing to facilitate a successful, mind-blowingly awesome hiring event? Here are some tips to help guide you along your way:


1.) Make sure you have a solid talent acquisition team

Everyone on your team should be able to tell you what the definition of the company culture is, and how an outstanding employee would fit within it. They should also have an understanding of the roles that they are recruiting for, and how to work within a team if any additional knowledge is required. It is very important to be prepared for how many candidates you are looking to process through in order to find the ideal set; are you willing to interview five hundred people for five key slots? Let your recruitment team know, and they’ll help to make sure that your numbers are met.

2.) Advertise!

Post on job boards, job fairs, social media, and newspapers. Utilize internal referrals; your employees understand what the job looks like, and can recommend already-vetted candidates from their own personal pool. Also, if you have time, have your talent acquisition team seek out new candidates; although it’s great to be able to have all of the applicants come to you, it can also be good to look on LinkedIn and other websites to see who is out there and if they might be a fit for your company. If you find someone ideal, have your team contact them and bring them in for an interview. By advertising and making yourself visible in all forums you assure that you will get the widest selection of potential new hires and interviewees to choose from.

3.) Manage Your Workflow

Mass-hires can be stressful, difficult, and disorganized. Make sure that individual teams are delegated to manage each part of the hiring process, and that they are comfortable communicating with other teams within your company. Potentially consider having one group handle the application and advertising process, one group handling the interview process, and one group doing background checks and contacting applicants with the results of their interview. By splitting up the tasks like this, but still maintaining good communication, teams can focus on individual tasks rather than getting overwhelmed by the immensity of the whole project.

4.) Constantly Review

In the beginning of the process, your talent acquisition team made note of the best qualities to look for in employees, and exactly what type they were hiring for. Make sure you look through the applicants that have made it through the initial review process (as it is for your company) and validate that they are, in fact, a good fit for your company. Sometimes someone can look great on paper but actually have poor presence in an interview--make sure you are tracking and reviewing application information for details like this. An Applicant Tracking System is useful for this, but it can also be done manually.

5.) Reap the Benefits!

After surviving and successfully coordinating a mass hiring event, you deserve to take a breath. Congratulate your team on a job well done, and be happy with the talent that you have acquired and the great employees that you have now brought on to work for your company.

Topics: Applicant Tracking System, Recruiting & Hiring