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4 Easy Ways to Attract Top Candidates

Posted by HRM Direct

Jan 31, 2013 10:18:00 AM

As the job market gets more and more competitive, it can be difficult to attract and maintain communication with top-of-the-line candidates for your company. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to even think where to start, especially if you are a growing company and looking to take on talent quickly. However, there are a few things that you can do to assure your company’s rank and reputation and, by doing so, ascertain that you will attract top candidates for every role. 

Make sure your company outwardly encourages and advertises the competencies you want to hire for. Social media, websites and other online presences are key factors in reinforcing the types of qualities you are looking for and allowing potential candidates to self-select and identify. Write unique and interesting job descriptions--everyone has read listings that have a five-bullet profile of what a candidate should be; by making yours something different you will attract candidates that also think differently.

Make sure the candidate knows that they are top priority. Just as you would appreciate being given respect in any social situation, it is important that the candidate feels that they have your undivided attention and respect. Make sure you’ve looked over their resume so that you can reference their previous job experiences; this shows them that you care and are interested in what they have done and may do in the future. Also remember to notify your receptionist that you will be occupied until further notice; silence your cell phone. Setting up the interview so that the candidate feels they are valued and important makes them feel that they will also be valued and important if they join the company in the future. 

Communicate effectively. If your candidate is traveling to meet you make sure that you are in constant communication with them--that means having someone meet them at the airport, not rescheduling the interview on short notice, and maintaining proper time standards. The same can be said for after the interview: even if you have not yet made a hiring decision, make certain that you contact and update the candidate throughout the process. By not communicating or responding to emails and calls you can passively imply that the candidate is not important to you or your company, and you will definitely lose their interest, and possibly the interest of any acquaintances of theirs that could be potential candidates 

Streamline your talent acquisition process. By making sure that you have an effective system in place for tracking, organizing, and searching through candidates you also ensure that you will be able to start the hiring process right away when you find the perfect one. Many companies are using an online applicant tracking system to track applicants from their first contact with the company all the way through to the last interview; these systems can make all the difference when it comes to top candidates and talent acquisition. Make sure that all interviewers and participants in the process understand the company’s goals, culture, and needs so that they can be sure to present them properly when sorting through and eventually interviewing great candidates.

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