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HRMDirect appoints Django Bliss as CTO

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Jan 29, 2008 11:29:00 AM

The official press release is here. We first met Django in early December when we started looking for a senior-level developer to add to our technical team here in Boston.

When we learned that Django was the original founder of HireAbility, one of the more innovative recruitment echnology companies in the space, we realized we had found someone a lot more valuable. The past month had seen some of our most rapid growth to date, and a continued steady increase in the size of the average new client. Django offered a unique combination of industry experience, deep technical knowledge, and a large helping of enthusiasm for the culture and lifestyle that goes along with a rapid-growth technology business.

One of the great strengths smaller companies have is their ability to match capability with opportunity in recruiting. Large companies flush with cash *should* be able to do this better, but only a special few actually do. When you're trying to fill a square hole, it's can be hard to build a case for an extraordinary round peg, and it's often impossible to do it quickly.

Fortunately, this was one of those times when we were able to bring the stars into necessary alignment, and the result is a mutually exciting opportunity. We have always known that 2008 would be a big year for HRMDirect, but now we look forward to it being truly extraordinary.