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Save a Tree, Buy an ATS

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Nov 19, 2007 1:11:00 PM

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and when I went in, his desk was covered in stacks of manila folders. "I see you use the same organizational system I do," I said. As it turned out, a few months ago they decided to convert to all-electronic records, and because they elected to do the data entry themselves, it was taking a lot longer and costing a lot more than they initially expected. The other problem was that since it was a home-grown system built by the hospital's IT department, "everything needs to be done @#$-backwards," as my doctor put it. 

This reminded me of how much paper is still involved in the recruiting process for many companies. Next to finance, HR is probably the leading killer of trees in an organization, from application forms, to background checks, and new hire paperwork. While converting to an electronic process can hurt a little at the start, the payoff isn't just greener for the environment, it also leads to easily-quantified cost reductions and efficiency gains.

  • Online application forms: HRM can turn your paper form into an electronic one, and you'll be able to collect applications online and access all of your candidate records from any PC with a web browser.
  • Pre-employment screeningApplicants can complete online skill and behavioral tests as they apply, helping you to improve performance and reduce turnover by up to 20% annually.
  • Compliance: Automatically survey and track a full suite of EEO and OFCCP compliance statistics, and generate reports with a single click.
  • Permanent candidate database: Next time you hire, start with your own database that costs nothing to search.

These are just a few of the ways that online recruiting can improve your bottom line, and clear off the top of your desk. But the most important feature that we offer is knowledgeable service, which is included in all subscriptions at no additional cost.

In contrast to older ATS vendors accustomed to working with large clients, HRMDirect's account managers spend most of their time with organizations with anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand employees, and are used to the unique challenges companies of this size face in transitioning to a paperless process. To find out more, check our online price sheet or click to talk to our sales team