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HRMDirect in the Boston Globe: SEO for your Resume

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Sep 11, 2006 10:59:00 AM

Yesterday's Boston Sunday Globe featured an article on how jobseekers can help ensure that their resumes don't get eaten by an ATS. Yours trulywas quoted alongside experts from Monster and ResumePower.com.

One of the sad truths of our industry is that for too many companies, the ATS is a place where good candidates go to disappear. The main reason is that these systems are poorly designed, forcing users to navigate through too many complex screens to find and review new applicants. It's a major reason why we designed our system to work like Outlook, a tool that most recruiters are intimately familiar with. 

When you start using our applicant tracking system, you're not re-learning how to do basic tasks like reading resumes. You're doing the things you're familiar with, with a few new tools around to make life a little easier and more efficient.