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Winners Blog

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Jul 26, 2006 11:55:00 AM

Our longtime favorite Bob Wilson posts about the ongoing battle for vertical search supremacy and notes this:
Wilson's 2nd corollary: Winners blog. Its not "cause and effect" - it's effect and effect. Proud of what you're doing? Winners blog.
My first reaction is that this is on the order of the statistically-proven fact that pirates prevent global warming but then again....

Since starting this blog in late 2005, I've put up about 35 posts, and in that same time we've grown at nearly twice the rate we did last year with the same sales team and marketing budget. And some of those clients are companies are excited about too. 

We are certainly proud of what we're building here and while we are neither the largest nor oldest provider of applicant tracking systems but that hasn't stopped large, established, and innovative companies from joining our fast-growing family of customers.

If there is one thing I hope our blog here does do, it's to give future customers a good sense of the caliber of people behind the corporate facade and a sense of our dedication to building a truly wonderful ATS. And to that end we have a couple of really exciting things coming online very soon which I am looking forward to sharing with everyone.