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David Perry on Leadership Equity

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Jul 20, 2006 11:35:00 AM

We are exceptionally pleased to have David Perry of Perry-Martel as our Blogswap guest this week. David is a true innovator in the field and has literally written the book on aggressive career development tactics for job hunters. What we love about David is his refusal to accept excuses for the pursuit of mediocrity that characterizes much of recruiting, and his post is true to form.

Leadership Equity by David Perry
They used to say there were just two types of people in the old west - the Quick and the Dead. The Quick knew that it came down to not only talent and ideas, but execution. The Dead thought only talent mattered --- with predictable results. 

Increasing the value your company is not just about “collecting talented people.â It's about aligning your people with the company-s overall strategy, getting them to buy-in and to commit to a common vision. More importantly, you need to compel them to work towards the idea not because you told them - but because you gave them impassioned reasons to do it. Only then will employees take responsibility for how their actions affect the business. 

Companies today, more than ever need leaders capable of managing a diverse community of people with a common mission who are willing to routinely operate at levels of peak performance. That-s how organizations compete in a knowledge based economy as centres of excellence - without leaving dead bodies at every gun fight. That's how you build Leadership Equity.

Is your company geared to go for the gold?