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Improve Your Hiring Experience

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Jul 18, 2006 12:50:00 PM

Claudi Faust runs a great blog dedicated to helping companies improve their hiring experience for candidates. My contribution to this week'sRecruiting.com Blogswap talks about how one of our clients, a company of under 200 employees, manages to create a compelling identity and experience without six-figure budgets or Madison Avenue ad agencies.

I think this is one of those subjects that really distinguishes people who "get it" from those who don't. Talk to many line managers, and you will hear them say, "Hiring experience? The bums should be happy we're interviewing them!"

Back in 2001-2004 you could get away with this sort of thing because there was some truth in the statement. For a manager who got his or ehr current job back then, there can easily be some resentment toward candidates who have it much better. This is human, but as a recruiter, the response needs to be simple and clear: Get over it! Times change, and companies need to treat their candidates at least as well as they treat their customers.