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Crazy Ideas @ Nobscot

Posted by Colin Kingsbury

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Jul 12, 2006 12:31:00 PM

B.N. Carvin of Nobscot, a provider of web-based exit interview systems (an idea I love, BTW) has posted my first contribution to the Recruiting.comBlogswap.

Reading that post again I think I may have oversalted the broth a tiny bit. Saying, "because when it comes to understanding the deployment of human capital, most companies are close to clueless," may overstate the case a little much. And there are many good reasons why the approach I suggest might not work. But the debate is a useful one.

If you sat in on our strategy meetings at HRMDirect, you'd often hear one of us say, "now this may be too crazy to consider, but..." and then suggest that the sky is green and the grass is blue. The ideas often are pretty nutty and too far out there to consider. But the exercise is useful because crazy ideas force you to consider the underlying assumptions in the problem at hand. In the end the assumptions often look valid and the men in white coats carry the idea away.

But every so often you find that the crazy idea exposes a blind spot. Sometimes, the sky really is green, and understanding what that means is quite useful.