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Employee Engagement

ClearCompany & PrismHR Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

February 23, 2021
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Powering more than 80,000 organizations and processing more than $80 billion in annual payroll, PrismHR is built to help organizations reduce risk, be more profitable, expand their business, and create more efficient processes. Their complete platform supports a wide range of HR functions, including managing payroll, benefits, and HR for clients.

Leaders know the importance of having a highly engaged workforce. Organizations that emphasize engagement see higher productivity rates and more significant profit margins. At ClearCompany, we are committed to offering our clients the best-in-class software and tools to support their efforts in creating a team of highly engaged employees. That’s why we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with PrismHR.

As a world-class provider of HR services, PrismHR and its HR service providers ecosystem fuel more than 80,000 organizations in their HR and payroll functions. PrismHR’s mission to fuel the growth of small and medium-sized businesses lends itself to a strong partnership with our ClearCompany Performance Management and Employee Engagement Suite. Starting today, PrismHR service providers will enjoy the seamless integration of ClearCompany’s award-winning tools and PrismHR’s platform.

“We are excited and proud to be partnering with PrismHR to provide the modern tools companies need to engage, provide feedback, and retain employees in any work environment.” - Brian Campbell, ClearCompany Chief Revenue Officer

ClearCompany and PrismHR’s integration will empower users to deliver modern approaches to employee engagement, retention, feedback, and development. The single sign-on (SSO) capabilities ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience. PrismHR users will no longer have to log in multiple times or track data across numerous platforms — all information will now be consolidated into one database.

“ClearCompany offers some of the most innovative solutions on the market today, and we’re looking forward to rolling them out to our HR service providers and their small business clients.” - Jonathan Wall, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at PrismHR


@prismhrcloud and @ClearCompany have partnered to help support organizations in their #EmployeeEngagement and #PerformanceManagement goals. Read more:

With access to ClearCompany’s Performance Management platform, users can easily track their employees’ performance and deliver actionable feedback in real time. Additionally, ClearCompany’s goal-planning tools within the platform help drive employee engagement, allowing employees to take a more active role in their goal-setting strategies. With the assistance of our Employee Engagement Suite, PrismHR users will also enjoy access to our engagement surveys. Out-of-the-box surveys and custom surveys will help you measure the sentiment of your employees.

@ClearCompany and @prismhrcloud are committed to offering the best tools for supercharging the #engagement levels and #performance of your workforce. Read more about their partnership here:

“Employees want to hear from peers and managers and to be heard. This partnership will enable employers to engage and connect with their employees, even remotely.” - Brian Campbell

For more than a decade, ClearCompany has remained committed to providing the best tools and software for our clients to enable them to reach their hiring, retention, and engagement goals. Our partnership with PrismHR further drives this mission by empowering leaders to strengthen their employees’ engagement levels. For more information about this partnership, check out our latest press release. To learn more about how PrismHR’s comprehensive platform supports your efforts in payroll, benefits, and other HR functions, reach out to one of their experts today.

Are you interested in learning more about how ClearCompany can help you achieve your engagement and retention goals? We’re happy to help! Reach out to an expert today to schedule your demo and see how our tools can transform your workforce.

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