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We’ve all seen those competition based television shows right? Shows like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and, MTV’s Making the Band. All of which include a panel of judges (or just Sean Diddy Combs) sifting through contestant after contestant voting off the weaker links to find the eventual winner, the perfect fit.
Finding the best candidate for the job is no easy feat, especially when the cost of hiring and training a new person is through the roof. The hiring process can be much like your favorite contestant laden TV programs. Hiring managers want to make sure the new candidate they choose will be there for the long haul. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips to help you pick the best  candidates for the job.
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The Psychology of Making Bad Decisions at Work


Employees make mistakes all the time. Whether it’s a failure to document something, CCing the wrong person in an email thread, or any of the several other legal mistakes that can cost your company; employees always seem to be between one mistake and the next. But how do these mistakes happen? Why does it feel like people are making more mistakes on a regular basis nowadays? What do you do about these mistakes? As it turns out, there are answers to all of these questions, and it's often about how you look at the problem.

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4 Ways the Workforce is Changing

The following article discussing changes within the workforce was originally published in July of 2015. It has been recently updated as of January 2017 to include new statistics and insights to reflect any recent finding. Want more information on how the workplace is evolving? Take a look at our related articles:

The changing workplace isn’t the office of your parents anymore. Three-piece suits ever so neatly accessorized with the perfect tie and skirt suits coupled with the perfect pair of pumps aren’t staples of most work wardrobes anymore. The ideal employee isn’t a “yes man,” they are the team members that question convention and even (wisely) challenge the opinions of their supervisors. The way we think of work and the traditions that go along with it are changing with a digital separation of work and life and how employees are motivated to perform their best.

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7 Predictions About the Future of Employer Branding

The misappropriation of employer branding responsibility has 41% of professionals believing HR has a relatively passive role in the process. The same 41% said they believe HR is only consulted or informed about employer branding, but doesn’t play a principal role in the actual process. The truth is, however, the recruiters and human resource experts are the forerunners of developing an organization’s name as an employer. How are HR professionals shifting the future of employer branding? There are 7 changes to employer branding to expect from the HR department over the next 5 years.

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3 Steps for Hiring Managers with Emotional Intelligence

As more studies reveal the benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace, companies are beginning to take notice, and the myth of IQ leading the way is coming undone. For example, 58% of job performance is based on a person’s EQ, and 70% of the time, those with mid-level IQ outperform those with the highest IQs.

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