Strategic Alignment with Goals 101: Eleven FAQs Answered

With a recent Gallup survey discovering 70 percent of employees are disengaged on the job, it’s likely some of your employees are feeling checked out in the office. Now is the perfect time to understand what strategic alignment is and why it’s so important for the success of your company. Keep Reading

Onboarding, Goal Alignment, Employee Engagement, Goals, Office Politics, Productivity, Strategic Alignment, Transparency

What's Behind the Success of Henry Ford, Jack Welch & Jeff Bezos? Business Transparency & Alignment

You can see almost everything important that happened in the 20th century in the business world through three visionary leaders: Henry Ford, Jack Welch, and Jeff Bezos. It’s a history that not only illuminates how we got here, but helps us to see more clearly where the future is taking us, and what’s needed to succeed today.

Keep Reading

Talent Management, Goal Alignment, Business Transparency, Talent Alignment, Goals, Jack Welch, Jeff Bezos, Transparency, Henry Ford

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