How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?

Are you a part of the oblivious mass of leaders living in a land where attraction, retention and engagement are a problem in everyone else’s organizations, but not yours? While you’re not alone, that’s not where you want to be. The idea that what you don’t know can’t hurt you has no place in running a workforce.

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How These 4 Transparency Mistakes Are Muddying the Waters of Your Business

If you couldn’t tell by our name, here at ClearCompany we believe that a lot of strength can come from creating transparency in an organization. Transparency seems to be the aloe of the workforce –that one cure-all that has a positive ripple effect, reaching to the far corners of any business, small or big. 

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It's All About the Chemistry of Your Workforce

As leaders create and build teams, they might find that some teams have better chemistry than others. There is something about certain groups of people collaborating that just clicks. We have always thought of the idea of chemistry between people as some sort of serendipitous event that can’t be purposefully created or duplicated. But what if it can be?

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Creating a Map to Organizational Transparency: 4 Steps

With every report, email, project and review, leadership is asking one question: “Is this person’s work helping the organization reach its goals?” It is an all too common source of frustration when the answer is “no”. We could play the blame game all day, but if your team doesn’t know and share your vision, it’s no one’s fault but your own. This everyday disconnect in the workplace is what transparency is aimed at fixing. 

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Need Caffeine? So Do Your Job Descriptions

Almost any company that invests in setting and tracking goals on the individual level that connect each worker with the company’s overall strategy, is going to see dramatic increases in performance on all levels. So when does this talent and goal alignment mission begin? Sooner than you would probably think --it begins with targeted talent attraction. 

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