The 4 Best Sourcing Hacks For Human Resource Professionals

It’s a simple fact of life that HR Pros are sometimes tasked with recruiting and even sourcing. And while sometimes this additional responsibility can be overwhelming, sourcing incredible talent can be really fun. Sourcers get to do fun “detective” work that makes succession planning and compensation models look downright dull. And it’s not as hard or as geeky as you think. While you may not be able to become a sourcing ninja overnight, you can use a little ingenuity, some help from marketing or IT and your own creative mind to implement the best sourcing hacks. Here are few to get your creative juices flowing:

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3 Mindsets That Will Cost You Passive Candidates

When it comes to critical roles that need to be filled, 95% of the people who you’d hire aren’t even looking. Why? They’re already cashing a paycheck from another company. It’s why passive candidates are the most sought after candidate in recruiting. It’s like dating, all the good ones are either taken or not interested. When vying for the eye of the passive candidate,you must not fall into the trap of these three mindsets:

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10 Ways to Amplify Your Recruiting Department

Is your recruiting process disorganized? Are your recruiters frustrated with outdated technology and tired recruiting methods? Do candidates drop out of your process because it takes too long? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your recruiting department could use an overhaul. Here’s a checklist with ten ways to amp up your recruiting game!

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3 Reasons You Need a Better Candidate Sourcing Platform

Good candidate sourcing helps you find talent in avenues you may not have considered, whether it’s finding new methods of reaching out to candidates or cultivating a more diverse talent pool to source. Because the world of recruiting is a fluid, ever-evolving entity, your sourcing platform could probably use an update. Candidate sourcing, like most aspects of recruiting, changes fast, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind. If you don’t think you need a better candidate sourcing platform, consider these three reasons it might be time for an update.

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How to Get the Most Out of Sourcing Candidates with Your ATS

Modern tech is all about making everything simple, fast and easy. The more a piece of technology does for us, the more we value it. And it’s why, as recruiting software gets more powerful, it needs to start integrating differing parts of the hiring process into its fold. One great example of this is how applicant tracking systems have begun sourcing candidates as well. If your applicant tracking system can’t source, it’s stuck in the past. But how can companies make the most out of sourcing candidates with their sourcing-optimized ATS? We’re glad you asked!

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