Performance Management Fixes: 4 Things You're Missing

The best companies put a premium on transparency. At truly transparent organizations, employees see how their work aligns with overall business strategy, while executives visualize how their human capital is contributing to objectives. This is important across the entire strategic talent cycle, and nowhere more than performance reviews.

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What's Behind the Success of Henry Ford, Jack Welch & Jeff Bezos? Business Transparency & Alignment

You can see almost everything important that happened in the 20th century in the business world through three visionary leaders: Henry Ford, Jack Welch, and Jeff Bezos. It’s a history that not only illuminates how we got here, but helps us to see more clearly where the future is taking us, and what’s needed to succeed today.

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Improve Employee Engagement with Goal-Based Talent Alignment

Here’s a fact you probably wish wasn’t true: your employees aren’t as motivated as you think or even hope they are. It’s statistically likely a large proportion of your workforce is mentally checked out. A recent study by Gallup showed 70 percent of workers are disengaged in their current roles.

Don’t think your company is the exception. Right now, your best employees might be daydreaming about leaving your office for greener pastures. In fact, a study on candidate behavior from CareerBuilder found the very idea of a passive candidate just might be a myth on par with Bigfoot. The study found 77 percent of full-time employees are either open to new opportunities or actively looking for a new job.

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4 Ways Talent Alignment Will Change Employee Development and Succession Planning Forever

Note: This is a guest post written by Matt Norman, President of Dale Carnegie Training North Central US. You can follow him on Twitter at @mattnorman or read his blog at

In a recent global survey of executives, Dale Carnegie Training found that the top three “people” priorities today are:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Leadership Continuity/Succession Planning
  3. Employee Engagement

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Be a Better Manager with Talent Alignment

From intern to executive, no employee enjoys being micromanaged. Instead of focusing on the big picture of employee management and trusting workers to take care of the small stuff, a micromanager dictates every small step along the way and can quickly drive talent away.

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