From Conversation to Conversion: Alignment in Action


From the moment we have an idea about change, it takes a while for the actual change to occur. We say it out loud, have a conversation, map out a plan and it’s still going to be a long time before change is felt. So when companies choose to become more transparent in order to implement total talent alignment, it’s a process, not a 24-hour overhaul. With any organizational change, commitment and communication have to be fostered throughout the implementation process.

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Goal Alignment and the Contingent Workforce


As the contingent workforce continues to grow at a rapid pace, employers are faced with the realization that these short-term workers come with their own unique set of requirements. Although this realization is facing employers, they aren’t necessarily taking notice.

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Earn a Strike With Better Workplace Alignment


We’re all about getting everyone on the same page. When a workforce is disjointed, it shows. There are several methods and tools that leaders can implement to help get their workforce not only working together, but also working toward a common goal.

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From Short-Order Cook to Chef: Talent Alignment Gets You There


No, we’re not talking about restaurant staff recruitment best practices; that’s a totally different post. We want to talk about how the right management and software can transform a reactive organization into a strategic and proactive one. 

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Creating a Stable Company Culture

Picture this: a company centers its culture on its core values. Employees are proud of where they stand. The culture is clear and embraced throughout the organization. Now what? Although the term “company culture” might sound like a self-propelled, intrinsic force that leads the organization, it isn't. It takes consistency, leadership and tracking to maintain a truly stable company culture.

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