Spring Clean Your Hiring Process [Infographic]

It’s officially spring and you know what that means? Time to spring clean your talent management processes. From sourcing to onboarding to performance management, it’s the perfect time for lean, efficient processes to set your company up for success for the rest of the year. Take a look at our new infographic and motivate your company to jump start spring cleaning your talent management house now!

Looking for more ways to make your talent management lifecycle shine? Check out our Spring Cleaning Resource Center full of blog resources, a hiring process checklist and more!

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Are You a Candidate Hoarder?

If you’ve never had the pleasure (or discomfort) of watching the television show Hoarders, you may not know how unsettling clutter can be. Stacks of newspapers, shelves collapse under canned goods. Furniture, pets and even people can find themselves disoriented and hidden under piles of old items that are no longer useful. It’s impossible to find anything, enjoy anything or use the homes featured on the show for their intended purpose.

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Spring Cleaning, Hiring Process

7 Tips to Straighten Out the Kinks in Your Employee Onboarding Process

It costs a lot of money to replace an employee. In fact, depending on job level and industry it can cost over 30% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. That number climbs exponentially for highly educated executive level positions and that’s just the monetary costs! Losing a new hire reflects poorly on a company’s Quality of Hire metrics and sends a ripple effect through the recruitment, hiring and management practices of the company. Let’s not forget the impact it has on employee engagement and morale.

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10 Stats to Prove the Hiring Process Needs a Technology Sweep

In the world of HR, one question comes up year after year: how can we leverage new technological advances and incorporate them into our hiring process?

Instead of presenting outcomes and metrics that are relevant only to HR, frame your requests in a different way, a way that benefits everyone. HR needs to partner with the business to assess activities that will add value to the company, and not just become another expense. If HR can’t convince leaders that technology will benefit the entire business, then the conversation will be a lost cause.

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Spring Cleaning, Hiring Process

6 Housekeeping To-Dos to Spring Clean Your Hiring Process

Tis the season for spring cleaning and we’re not talking about the growing pile of junk currently residing in your garage. Let’s talk HR! More specifically, taking time out of the new season to tighten up your company’s hiring process.
The new year isn’t so new anymore, making this a great time to get a head start on setting hiring goals, determining areas to improve the hiring process and strategizing a plan of action to put those wheels in motion. So, let’s make a pot of coffee, put on our spring cleaning clothes and get our hands dirty!
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