How Start-Ups Use Their Product Roadmap to Influence Recruiting


If you follow business news, you know it can be exciting to watch a start-up make plans to improve or expand their products or services. Leaders make plans and promises that require an entire workforce to perform well, often under the spotlight. However, if recruitment efforts are misaligned with the company roadmap, goals are missed, delivery dates are pushed and things start to devolve. 

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Your Career Site's Secret Weapon: Style

Over the years, I've seen some bad career sites. I don't mean just a little sloppy, I mean honest to goodness embarrassing pages that send potential candidates running for the hills. 

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Recruiting & Screening are Broken. (yes, yours too...) Here's How to Hire the Best Fit by using Goal Alignment:

Here’s some truth you might not want to hear: Your recruitment and selection process is broken and inefficient. Before you get defensive, think critically about how you isolate, screen, and select the employees who will add value to your company. Can you really say there are no inefficiencies in the process?

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