Identifying the Root Cause of Poor Performance

This article about employee performance was orginially published in September 2015 and has been updated as of December 2016 to reflect newer statistics and information. If you find this article helpful, check out these other articles on employee performance here:

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How to Model Your Ideal Candidate Profile After High-Performers

You may have heard about the benefits of high-performers. You may have heard, for example, how they can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer. Then you realize your ideal candidate profile probably won’t attract the high-performers you’re looking for. You want a “hard worker? A “team player?” So does everyone else. If you want to model your ideal candidate profile to attract high-performers, you have to be more specific. Look for candidates who’ll be satisfied on the job, hold themselves accountable, and not be afraid of failure.

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New Corporate Culture: Is There a Better Way?



There seem to be a lot of ancient corporate ideas hanging around the workplace. Some leaders are clinging on to tradition for dear life, while others are tossing it all out and determining a new plan. Instead of doing something because that’s the way it’s always been done, what about innovating, evolving, striking a balance and getting comfortable… I’ll explain that part later.

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Meetings: The Duct Tape of Workplace Communication

A survey revealed that 67% of meetings are considered by executives to be a failure. Meetings are intended as a productivity booster, a coming together to accomplish objectives, a “let’s get on the same page” gathering. So why are they considered the black hole of time in just about every workplace?

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You’re Micromanaging Your Team Right Into the Ground


We all know that stress can cause an array of health problems, decrease productivity at work and stifle employee engagement. Just about every negative effect that stress at work produces, translates to an impact on the success of the organization, and micromanagement is a bigger culprit than you might think.

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