Behind the Curtain of Your Performance Management System

While it’s true that here at ClearCompany we’re obsessed with the technology that makes performance management really perform, it’s important to have a constant eye behind the curtain of your performance management system. We’re not talking about software or platforms; we’re talking about the actual human beings in charge of running this show. 

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Fire Starter vs. Firefighter: Avoiding Disaster in your Organization

The majority of fires are started by accident, either because of someone being careless, not knowing what they’re doing or not containing it once it starts to spread. The same goes for those domino effect mistakes at work.

In this blog we talk a lot about proactive leadership and the tools that you need to make that possible. Here are several common workplace “fires” that we believe are totally preventable.
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Why Your Performance Management System is Like Hideous Wallpaper You Can't Ignore

Graduates are pouring in, Boomers are retiring and Millennials are invading; the workforce is changing drastically and quickly. Great performance management is in huge demand as leaders are scrambling to find the most efficient way to address evolving technology, keeping up with current best practices and a changing workforce.
So here’s my question to you: Is your performance management performing?

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You’re Micromanaging Your Team Right Into the Ground


We all know that stress can cause an array of health problems, decrease productivity at work and stifle employee engagement. Just about every negative effect that stress at work produces, translates to an impact on the success of the organization, and micromanagement is a bigger culprit than you might think.

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How Goal Transparency Improves Productivity


Of the hundreds of tools and techniques used by leaders to improve the productivity of their workforce, here at ClearCompany we have found that goal transparency has proven to be extremely effective. We also love proving results with metrics and analytics, because numbers don’t lie. Goal transparency delivers those production numbers time after time, and here’s how.  

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