Staying Aligned with Paperless OFCCP Compliance Processes

As a long time employee in the tech world, it's hard for me to admit this, but I like paper. I like paperback books, it thrills me to pay with exact change and track changes has nothing on a cup of coffee, a red pen and an unedited document. Paper has been a tried and true method of communication for hundreds of years, and for some things, an iPad just isn’t the same. Keep Reading

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Ensure a seamless first day with paperless onboarding

Monday September 15, 1997 - do you remember where you were?  Chances are you don't, as it was just another Monday as far as US History is concerned.  However, for me, that 258th day of the year corresponded with my first day of real employment.  That’s right - this cum laude finance graduate was transforming into an entry level Fund Accountant at a major financial services institution!

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