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Why the Human Side of Onboarding is the Most Important Side

   Most readers of this blog are recruiters or HR professionals. When these professionals see the word “onboarding” they think compliance, policy and ...
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Let Me Shout It From the Mountain Top: Paperless Onboarding Will Save You Time

As a Relationship Manager at ClearCompany, my raison d’etre is to save our clients time.  More often than not, this means singing the praises of our Paperless Onboarding Module. One of my first converts, let’s call her Maggie, is a one-woman HR show. When I met her, Maggie was implementing our Applicant Tracking System, and her most time consuming duty was onboarding a new hire.
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Ensure A Seamless First Day With Paperless Employee Onboarding

Monday, September 15, 1997 - do you remember where you were? Chances are you don't, as it was just another Monday as far as US History is concerned. However, for me, that 258th day of the year corresponded with my first day of real employment. That’s right - this cum laude finance graduate was transforming into an entry-level Fund Accountant at a major financial services institution!
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