Nobody Puts Onboarding in a Corner

Within the first six months of a new job, 86% of employees decide whether they’d like to stay or search for a different job. Aberdeen Group finds that an additional 69% of new employees are likely to maintain a job for at least three years if the HR, managers and IT crews perform welcoming employee onboarding.  

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Recruiting in a Winter Wonderland


The following article discusses end-of-the-year recruiting, and was originally published in December of 2014. It has since been updated to reflect new statistics on candidate recruiting as of December 2016. Need more insight? Here are some related articles to get you by:

Not everyone sees winter as the beautiful transformation of nature that it can be. For recruiters, the winter season can throw up some roadblocks, but you have a choice. Are you going to let the storm outside hold you down, or are you going to recruit in a winter wonderland? You decide.

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Onboarding Pain Points for New Employees

In our work with many client companies, we have found that onboarding is often put on the back burner. Too many leaders believe onboarding is such a low impact function that it gets neglected. No one is really in charge of the process and employers have no clue how harmful this can be to their employer brand.

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A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Onboarding [Part 3]


There are two main components in all successful onboarding programs. On one hand, you have the acculturation of the new employee – the human side of onboarding. The other component is the paperwork and compliance side of onboarding. Both are vital, and both require the right tools to maximize efficiency.

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5 Ways Going Paperless Will Transform Your Organization

It’s been a slow move, but HR departments everywhere are going paperless. Every aspect of the department from the applicant tracking system, payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment and employee administrations can and will eventually go the paperless route. We are constantly working with organizations who are at first reluctant to take this process out of the filing cabinets. After all it’s been the same process for so long, and evolving tech can be intimidating.

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