Goals Series Part 2: Working with Employees to Attain Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal

We’re glad you joined us on our ClearCompany goals series. Last time, we discussed just how to align goals with your employees. If you haven’t read the goal alignment post: Why Goal Alignment is About More Than Just Software, we covered understanding employee goals through transparency, how to collect and track that information with a culture of transparency and how to communicate the organizational goals to employees to give their daily work meaning and increase productivity.

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of (Work): Discover Professional Development

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs establishes a hierarchy of basic human needs. Formatted like the food pyramid, the table distinguishes fundamental means of survival from the more sophisticated incorporeal necessities. The same concept is applicable to the workplace. What does your team need to survive in the office and what do they want? These are two very distinct assertations for your workforce.

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Climbing the Dawn Wall: 3 Lessons on Pursuing Organizational Goals

This week, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made history when they completed the first successful free ascent of the hardest climb in the world, the Dawn Wall route in Yosemite. They lived on this massive vertical face for 19 days with no break, attempting the difficult sections countless times before finally making it to the top. This success came after many aborted attempts - these two climbers have tried the route over and over again for seven years but were met with failure each time until now. Their story of pursuing the impossible is incredibly inspiring not only for rock climbers like myself, but for anyone who has dared to leap into the unknown to pursue a goal.
The challenges we face in the workplace are not as life-threatening as those faced by Tommy and Kevin on the rock but they can be frightening nonetheless. Success often depends on taking risks and thinking bigger and bolder than the competition. The best companies out there are the ones that encourage their people to pursue the impossible and achieve it against all odds. So, what lessons can we learn from these rock climbers and apply to our professional goals?
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Good Goals Gone Bad


When something is off, just slightly, it can be hard to detect at first, but it doesn’t take long before “slightly” turns bad. Goals gone badly can misalign an entire department, sending a ripple effect throughout the organization. Goals are at the core of what drives any organization forward, keeping them fresh and up to date is essential to organizational success. Here are the four steps that every organization can use to ensure that their employees are working toward the same, fresh vision.

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The Element That's Stopping You From Attaining Goals


As much as I’d like to start out with a cliché on teams, I will just go ahead and establish that the team dynamic in any workspace is a big factor in attaining organizational goals. Sometimes these teams come together seamlessly to create great in-office chemistry, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Very often, leadership will need to thoughtfully guide team collaboration to optimally meet goals.

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