Talent Alignment: Why does it really matter?

It’s probably no secret that hiring the right people, onboarding them quickly, and ensuring they’re putting their considerable talents toward achieving company goals are paramount. But what is the best way to ensure everything is on track? Maintaining alignment with your talent and their goals is the best way to ensure company objectives are met and employee morale stays high.  

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Optimize Employee Onboarding by using Goal Alignment and the 4C's: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection

Once you’ve made a great new hire, it’s time to get your new employee up and running in the organization. No matter how skilled or tenured, every employee can benefit from the onboarding process in order to better understand their place in the company.

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Recruiting & Screening are Broken. (yes, yours too...) Here's How to Hire the Best Fit by using Goal Alignment:

Here’s some truth you might not want to hear: Your recruitment and selection process is broken and inefficient. Before you get defensive, think critically about how you isolate, screen, and select the employees who will add value to your company. Can you really say there are no inefficiencies in the process?

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How to Define and Set Goals to Align Talent and Drive Business Strategy

Note: This is a guest post written by Matt Norman, President of Dale Carnegie Training North Central US. You can follow him on Twitter at @mattnorman or read his blog at www.normanblogger.com.

Setting up goals that effectively drive a business strategy is an underdeveloped skill in most organizations. Goals are usually too lofty or too low-level, too broad or too individualistic, too prescriptive or too democratic. So how do we create goals at all organizational levels that are aligned with strategy and improve employee engagement?

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Talent Alignment: Why Transparency Matters in Every Business

Why is goal alignment so hard to achieve? In a smaller company with few employees, it’s not hard to get everyone on the same page. Things get a little more complicated when you add more employees and more levels to the mix. Hiring, growing and aligning your talent can also get complicated and it becomes easy for great people to feel lost in the shuffle.

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