Technology Makes Succession Planning Successful

The future of a business can be scary, even when that business is successful. Sometimes, organizations that are doing well feel an even more overwhelming pressure to get the right plan in place and avoid any succession problems. The good news is, for every CEO and business owner who develops a succession plan, there is a talent management team thrilled to see it.

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Cleaning House? Here’s How C-Player EEs Can Help

Talent acquisition and talent management are all about the A-player. Sure we’ll take the B-Player, but when you really ask the hiring manager who they want on their team, nobody says “I’ll take an average employee, thank you very much.” Enter the C-player, a bit of a misnomer for executive America, since there are very few performers below the C-player; if we were using elementary school grading they’d probably get closer to a “D”. In the real world, drop below “C” and you’re pretty much fired.

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The How and Why of Infusing Your Recruitment Messaging with Goals

“Organizational goals are the overall objectives, purpose and mission of a business that have been established by its management and communicated to its employees. The organizational goals of a company typically focus on its long range intentions for operating and its overall business philosophy that can provide useful guidance for employees seeking to please their managers.” - Business Dictionary

After reading the business definition of organizational goals, it seems common sense for leaders to ensure their workforce is fully informed and moving in the same direction. You might be as surprised as I was to find that only 37% of employees understood what their employer was trying to achieve and why, as revealed in a Harris Interactive survey of 23,000 employees.

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Good Goals Gone Bad


When something is off, just slightly, it can be hard to detect at first, but it doesn’t take long before “slightly” turns bad. Goals gone badly can misalign an entire department, sending a ripple effect throughout the organization. Goals are at the core of what drives any organization forward, keeping them fresh and up to date is essential to organizational success. Here are the four steps that every organization can use to ensure that their employees are working toward the same, fresh vision.

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The Element That's Stopping You From Attaining Goals


As much as I’d like to start out with a cliché on teams, I will just go ahead and establish that the team dynamic in any workspace is a big factor in attaining organizational goals. Sometimes these teams come together seamlessly to create great in-office chemistry, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Very often, leadership will need to thoughtfully guide team collaboration to optimally meet goals.

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