28 Questions Every Talent Leader Should Have in Their Pocket

5 Best Questions for Screening Candidates

Screening candidates will never go out of style, but doing it via the phone or in-person… will. With video interviewing, a series of predetermined questions can be asked of each applicant to help make better decisions of who to invite to the next round. If you’ve already adopted video interviewing into your candidate screening process, congrats! Make sure to check out one of our most popular articles on the ClearCompany blog to see the best questions to ask in a video interview…

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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Peer Assessments

There isn’t a manager alive who can get the full picture of an employee’s behavior, attitude or performance. A manager simply cannot be everywhere at once, nor do they necessarily get to see all sides of an employee. This can account for why more than 50% of surveyed employees see traditional performance reviews as inaccurate.

Peer-to-peer assessments have become very popular recently because they have proven to be an effective tool to more accurately measure performance as part of a 360-performance evaluation process. When combined with self-assessments and manager reviews, peer evaluations round out the big picture of performance.

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Performance Review Questions to Ask for Employees


Managers don’t necessarily have a knack for management. In fact, a surprising amount of leaders in the workforce are placed in leadership positions without any formal training. When review time rolls around the corner, managers have to be prepared to lead this process effectively and confidently. 

Don’t shy away from, or rush through employee reviews. Reviews are what you make them; they can be an amazing performance enhancing, engagement and productivity tool, or they simply can be the waste of time that 53% of surveyed employees believe them to be, citing that reviews do not motivate them to work harder.

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The 10 Most Common Employee Review Fails


Employees find reviews to be a waste of time and frustrating; sometimes even enough to cause anxiety. Employers see performance reviews as just another checklist item on their compliance list. We want to change the way that employers and employees alike, view the employee review process. Employee reviews are a compliance issue for us all; they have to get done. So how can managers turn this ship around when employees and your management team already have a bad taste in their mouths from employee reviews?

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Performance Reviews: You're Doing It Wrong.

Let’s be honest: no one likes performance reviews. They are incredibly time-consuming, based on stale information and employees rarely find them helpful. The traditional performance review is burdensome for everyone involved, which is why it’s time to take a deep breath and find a better way.

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