3 Ways to Instantly Improve Workplace Communication

Are you constantly frustrated by never getting a reply, always having to follow-up and feeling a little ignored? Quite often, this is a case of it’s you, not them. The vast majority of workplace communication happens via email, but there are more mediums than we could even mention to communicate today. FastCompany reveals that almost 80% of email are a total waste of your time. Regardless of the communication channel, these tips will help makes sure that your communications aren’t part of the problem.

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Earn a Strike With Better Workplace Alignment


We’re all about getting everyone on the same page. When a workforce is disjointed, it shows. There are several methods and tools that leaders can implement to help get their workforce not only working together, but also working toward a common goal.

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Employee Referral Program Tips: Aligning Your Team For Success

You might be closer to your next great hire than you think. Recent studies have shown the employee referral is the No. 1 source of external hires.

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Employer Branding Candidates Will Love? Increase Transparency!

With Cupid taking center stage this week, we thought we would turn our attention showing some love to your candidates. While operating transparently certainly benefits internal company processes and productivity, it also goes a long way in creating an appealing employer brand that candidates will love. Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation as an employer, and ensuring you have a strong one can be the difference between a flock of talented candidates and an empty inbox. Keep Reading

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Performance Reviews: You're Doing It Wrong.

Let’s be honest: no one likes performance reviews. They are incredibly time-consuming, based on stale information and employees rarely find them helpful. The traditional performance review is burdensome for everyone involved, which is why it’s time to take a deep breath and find a better way.

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