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From the time an applicant applies to the moment they receive the job or are not selected, the candidate experience should always be at top of mind for recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers. Ensure the interviewer is prepared so they can provide a seamless experience and represent the brand well. It’s also best practice to prepare applicants, as well. If you’ve done your job right, they will understand when and how they will be contacted and have a sense of what the interview will look like before they walk in the door. In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s as important to prep your internal recruitment team and hiring managers as it is to provide a smooth experience for job seekers (who, by the way, are your future employees).

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Candidate Experience

Treat Your Candidates Like Customers for a Better Candidate Experience

Job seekers essentially “shop” around for the right job. They look through job ad after job ad to find the position that sounds just right. Candidates are the customers of your recruitment department; recruiters have to fundamentally sell the role to acquire their desired talent pool… their target market. In order to build a better candidate experience, think about the candidates as customers. Look for yourself at some stats that indicate how important calculated recruitment efforts are.

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5 Tips For Creating Better Job Ads For Mobile

There’s really no other way to say it: if you’re not adapting to mobile, you’re falling behind. Phones and tablets are taking over, and if you’re still looking for candidates the old-fashioned way, candidates are going to gloss over your job ads or, even worse, never see them at all.

With 43% of candidates looking up job information on mobile devices, you’d think companies would deliver career sites and job ads for mobile screens.

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: They’re Hired! Now What? [Part 6]


In the previous installments to this series, we discussed why your company should have a better mobile application process, why it’s important to develop good job ads and have an inspiring brand that’s appealing to the mobile user, how to use social media and sourcing to find the right candidates, how to [optimize your career page for mobile and why video interviewing is the future when it comes to interviewing mobile candidates. Let’s say you have a candidate who has gone through all these steps, looked like a great hire, interviewed well, and accepted your job offer. How can mobile help make the training process better for you and your new hire?

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Harnessing the Mobile Interview [Part 5]

After deciding you need a better mobile application process, you’ve built your job ads and have started developing your brand the way you want to, done the work of socially sourcing your applicants, and built or outsourced your brand new mobile careers page. Your candidates can find your job postings, they like the way you’ve presented your company online, and can get in and out of the mobile application process in minutes. You have a good pool of candidates and want to start talking to them. But how can video interviews help? 

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