Creating a Map to Organizational Transparency: 4 Steps

With every report, email, project and review, leadership is asking one question: “Is this person’s work helping the organization reach its goals?” It is an all too common source of frustration when the answer is “no”. We could play the blame game all day, but if your team doesn’t know and share your vision, it’s no one’s fault but your own. This everyday disconnect in the workplace is what transparency is aimed at fixing. 

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Need Caffeine? So Do Your Job Descriptions

Almost any company that invests in setting and tracking goals on the individual level that connect each worker with the company’s overall strategy, is going to see dramatic increases in performance on all levels. So when does this talent and goal alignment mission begin? Sooner than you would probably think --it begins with targeted talent attraction. 

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From Conversation to Conversion: Alignment in Action


From the moment we have an idea about change, it takes a while for the actual change to occur. We say it out loud, have a conversation, map out a plan and it’s still going to be a long time before change is felt. So when companies choose to become more transparent in order to implement total talent alignment, it’s a process, not a 24-hour overhaul. With any organizational change, commitment and communication have to be fostered throughout the implementation process.

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Earn a Strike With Better Workplace Alignment


We’re all about getting everyone on the same page. When a workforce is disjointed, it shows. There are several methods and tools that leaders can implement to help get their workforce not only working together, but also working toward a common goal.

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Final Destination: Organizational Transparency

It can be incredibly hard to visualize the workflow through your company. Some employees don’t understand what goals they’re working toward, and employers can’t track how human capital is being allocated. The solution is to increase company-wide or organizational transparency. However, the road to organizational transparency isn’t always easy to find. Keep Reading

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