The Business Case for HR Software and Analytics

HR Pros have heard for years that it’s their turn for a “seat at the table” and that they need to “get strategic” about people management. And while some might argue that HR Pros have been strategic and own people management already, there’s finally a study that makes it official. XpertHR’s latest research into HR roles and responsibilities has for the first time in the last 14 years of doing the survey, found that the role of HR data and HR software is a key priority, particularly for private sector organizations.

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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It?

Even though this is a true statement, you can manage what you can’t measure, it’s not easy. In today’s increasingly data-filled business world, there’s little room for managing what you don’t understand. Because technology is so vastly intertwined in organizational practices, including talent acquisition, although it’s possible to measure what you can’t see, it’s much more difficult (and quite frankly, less accurate). Despite the potential flaws in data calculation, it’s becoming a necessary facet of the talent acquisition field.

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Top 10 Metrics Driving Quality of Hire

UPDATED 12/2016: The following article on Quality of Hire has been updated to reflect new and improved data. For more articles on Quality of Hire, take a look at these:

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Is Performance Management Data Completely Backward?

Ever since Deloitte announced their revival of better performance management, the subject as a whole has been under fire. People hate performance reviews, but they need the ratings. The ratings aren’t accurate, but they need to promote. The people they promote aren’t qualified, so you end up hiring new people anyway. The truth is, the poor cycle of performance management blunders can be solved with a simple word: data. Now, you probably already use data, in fact, I know you do. Between your applicant tracking system, your talent management, and even your performance management, it’s a vital part of your organization. However, when you look at the information… how accurate is your performance management data? It’s not.

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5 HR Game-Changers That You Need to Know About, Yesterday


Everything about the Human Resources department has changed drastically in the last decade, and the evolution is still going on. The HR tech arms race, as some experts have called it, can be an intense one to keep up in. New and improved technologies are consistently hitting the market. The following are what we’re looking at right now as the game-changers in HR.

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