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From Short-Order Cook to Chef: Talent Alignment Gets You There


No, we’re not talking about restaurant staff recruitment best practices; that’s a totally different post. We want to talk about how the right management and software can transform a reactive organization into a strategic and proactive one. 

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How to Build Your Recruiting Machine: A Manual


ClearCompany’s talent alignment platform is all about creating a transparent, goal-oriented organization on the individual and group levels. Let’s say the transparency is there, and your recruiting department might as well have a crystal ball, accurately predicting and anticipating talent needs. Now for the delivery… 

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Exposing Why You're Behind in Recruiting


Always behind the curve, playing catch-up and never knowing what’s next is not a good place to be; yet many recruiters are caught there. If you had consistent access to company goals and objectives, you would be able plan ahead, instead of struggling to maintain the status quo.

We have several ways to become proactive in your recruiting efforts. Let's start with introducing transparency into your talent management strategy.

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Background Checks: What You Need To Know Before You Hire

Just how honest are your job applicants? While using a goal-based approach is a smart way to find better candidates, not everyone in your talent pipeline is going to report their work history with 100 percent accuracy.

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How to Hire Smarter by Powering your Recruiting Software with Goals

Can leveraging your recruiting software to start a goal-based recruiting process help your company find and hire the best talent? We certainly think so!

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