September 18, 2016

Competencies in Job Ads Determine Candidate Quality: Here’s How

The messaging in a job advertisement influences the type of candidate who will respond. Successful job ads that attract quality candidates should have enough information for the candidate to be able to determine if they’re a suitable applicant, but not too much information to keep the candidate intrigued and curious.

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Quality of Hire

February 15, 2016

A Look Back at Effecting Employee Engagement with Goals

Hey, haven’t we discussed this before? This is a ClearCompany lookback article, where we build off learnings from years and trends past. Sometimes we’ll discover that our talent acquisition trends were right on the money; other times we may see that our musings around talent management and workforce predictions were a little off. Either way from recruiting statistics to management research, here’s a lookback at some of our greatest content.
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Quality of Hire

January 21, 2016

How to Tell if Your New Hire is Unmotivated

Hiring a new employee can be a rigorous task. Simply finding the right candidates, narrowing them down and then choosing the best from the bunch isn’t enough. Understanding whether or not you have hired a person of high caliber is absolutely essential to the quality of your workforce. Here’s how to tell if your new hire is unmotivated and how to handle each situation ethically.

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Quality of Hire, Unmotivated Employees

January 11, 2016

Top 10 Metrics Driving Quality of Hire

UPDATED 12/2016: The following article on Quality of Hire has been updated to reflect new and improved data. For more articles on Quality of Hire, take a look at these:

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Talent Analytics, Big Data, Quality of Hire

January 4, 2016

Quality of Hire: So Much More Than a Metric

Maintaining a competitive advantage in this marketplace can be challenging. Despite the booming HR tech industry and advances in HR management, bad hires, low performers and toxic employees somehow make their way onto the payroll and wreak havoc on company resources. That’s where Quality of Hire comes in, but defining the term and having the means to measure it don’t come easy...
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Quality of Hire

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